Welcome to the Homey Web API reference 👋


Welcome to the documentation for homey-api — a JavaScript client for all of Athom's Web APIs, including Homey.

It is recommended to read the Homey Web API guide first before you use this reference.

This documentation is primarily intended by homey-api users in a JavaScript environment (Node.js, Browser, React Native). However, all HTTP endpoints are documented as well, if you prefer to use another client.

Getting Started

Most likely you'll want to access a Homey from a server or front-end. Follow the installation instructions below, then head over to AthomCloudAPI to get started.


Include Homey API in your project:

npm install homey-api

Then include the API:

const AthomCloudAPI = require('homey-api/lib/AthomCloudAPI');


Include Homey API from our CDN:

<script type="text/javascript" src="https://cdn.athom.com/homey-api/3.4.33.js"></script>

You can then access the APIs using window.AthomCloudAPI etc.


To use Homey API inside of an Homey Pro app with the homey:manager:api permission, see HomeyAPI.createAppAPI.


Please report any issues you find in the Web API Issue Tracker.