Homey ZWaveDriver

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This module can be used to make the development of Z-Wave apps for Homey easier.

It is essentially a map-tool from Homey-capabilities to Z-Wave Command Classes.

This module requires Homey Apps SDK v3.

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$ npm install homey-zwavedriver


This module requires Homey Apps SDK v3.


Your device should extend ZwaveDevice. Start by looking at the docs for ZwaveDevice. This is the class you most likely want to extend from. If you are implementing a light device take a look at ZwaveLightDevice.

See examples/fibaroplug.js and examples/fibaroplug.json


See https://athombv.github.io/node-homey-zwavedriver

Deprecations and breaking changes for homey-zwavedriver

This is a non exhaustive list of deprecations and breaking changes in homey-zwavedriver with respect to homey-meshdriver which might be good to be aware of:

  • MeshDevice is removed in favour of ZwaveDevice.
  • onMeshInit() is deprecated in favour of onNodeInit().
  • calculateZwaveDimDuration is deprecated in favour of calculateDimDuration.
  • ZwaveMeteringDevice and ZwaveLockDevice are removed.